Are you challenged by getting your product into stores or onto amazon?

Are you afraid you’ll invest a lot of time into developing your product only to find out you were going in the wrong direction?

Do you want to know how to set your pricing and terms?

Do you want to set your product up for success, so it actually makes it to market?

Are you overwhelmed by everything it takes to sell your product and want a roadmap to show you how?

Product to Retail Mastery

is the most comprehensive, step-by-step process that will show you how to position, present and set your product up for success to retailers and consumers.  Jamie has been putting products onto retailers’ shelves for over 3 decades.  She has worked with our nation’s largest and smallest retailers as well as in online marketplaces like Amazon and Walmart.

In this program you will have access to
  • 6 live workshops to Prepare, Set-Up and Present your product to Retailers and Consumers. (includes access to the recording of the presentations in case you missed any live sessions)
  • Templates, Sample Forms and checklists for the most important documents you need
  • Access to online training videos to show you the various levels of distribution and opportunities at each level and how to present your product to the best channels
  • Actionable steps and resources to find potential customers and bring your product to those who need and want it.
  • Lifetime access to Product to Retail Mastery support group to help you with accountability, feedback, peer support, networking and brainstorming to grow and to get more sales
  • Bonus – 1 hour One-On-One call to specifically discuss your product and strategy with Jamie McNaughton
  • Bonus – Trade Show Training and Resources Webinar
By the end of this program You Will ...
  • Position, Package, and Price your product for your best distribution channels
  • Understand the requirements to be in the supply chain to sell to small and large retailers
  • Take action on Marketing channels and opportunities that are right for you and your product
  • Create your production plan and sales process
  • Produce and confidently deliver a presentation to an interested retailer.
  • Have Your Roadmap to Grow your Product and Business Consistently
This program is for ...
  • inventors and entrepreneurs who have a product prototyped, created or in production;
  • inventors and entrepreneurs that want to bring their product to market and sell it through distribution channels that reach a large consumer base;
  • inventors and entrepreneurs that know their product has great value and can help or change lives’ or businesses;
  • and inventors and entrepreneurs that are eager to dig in, are committed, and ready to bring their product to the world.
and NOT for ...

… those with a digital product;

… those that is already selling to medium and large chain retailers;

… and not for people who want to learn how to get a patent or do not have a product idea.

A message from Jamie

Hello! Do you have a product you want to bring to retail but are just not getting there? Or maybe you just aren’t sure where to start?
Over the last 30 years, I have worked with my brother Patrick to develop hundreds of products and have presented them at the headquarters of most of our country’s largest retailers. We have also had the honor and privilege to successfully supply those retailers and actually see our products in their stores as well as in businesses and online.
It is a truly satisfying, humbling and exciting experience to walk down a store aisle and see your product on the shelf – available to help the people who need or want it. Isn’t that every inventor’s dream?
Or maybe your product solves a problem in a business or industry – it makes a difference in peoples work or life. To see it in use, solving their problem offers those same amazing feelings.
When a product solves a problem or brings joy to someone’s life, it is so important to get it into their hands. A single prod-uct can be life-changing for you and for the people who use it. Solve their problem! Bring on the Joy! Don’t let your prod-uct die in the warehouse of unfinished ideas – get it out in the market! If you are ready – Let’s Chat!
Warmest Regards,

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What stage is your product in?

I am deeply grateful to Jamie for an amazing Product to Retail course! The program is very well structured, very practical, it is a step by step guide with very helpful spreadsheets, forms and other sources of information. In this course Jamie guided us through the whole process of launching and selling products, pointing out very important nuances and sharing her experience, secrets of successful sales, which really inspired me and showed me a new, more fun approach to the sales process. I will be recommending this course to all my entrepreneur friends, who want to sell their products to retail and to distributors too. I am a business owner and have been selling products for over 14 years now and I wish I took this course when we were launching our first product. The knowledge that Jamie shared would have saved me and my business partners lots of time, energy and money. Even with the experience I have, I learned great ways to increase my sales and keep my business growing, as well as how to launch new products that will be suitable for selling to retail market. If you are looking to learn business directly from an entrepreneur who built her business from scratch, this course is priceless. Thank you Dear Jamie and all your team for an amazing course!

Maria Meshkova

Meshline Manufacturing Inc.


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