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The Power of Decision

THE POWER OF DECISIONEvery day we have a choice. We get to choose. You can choose to be positive, happy and kind.  You can choose to have a great day no matter what comes at you or you can choose exactly the opposite, or something in-between. We may choose to make a difference, to learn or to lead.  We can choose to prioritize and make that important sales call…. or not.  Certainly, there are...

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The Power of Clarity

“If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up somewhere else.”-Yogi Berra-When we get in our car to buy groceries, pick up our child or go to the office, we know exactly where we are going. Sometimes we even know the exact parking spot.  We know when we need to be there and we know where we are going.  If other people are involved in our ‘trip”, like the child being picked up or a person...

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