Growing up “Entrepreneur”

Jamie went into her first business around the age of 10 when she started making little knick-knack mice out of marbles and selling them at the church craft show.  She came from a family of “makers” – her Grandma Lil created home-made soap, her great aunt Vivian sewed and sold decorative kitchen hand towels and pin cushions to make extra money.  Jamie and her brother Patrick grew up working with their Mom in their Grandparents bakery where Grandpa made delicious baked goods and where they both caught the entrepreneurial spirit. They saw their Grandpa work grueling baker’s hours, yet he made it fun and loved every minute — that planted a seed. The opportunity to help bag fresh bread and frost donuts (and taste-test the merchandise) was empowering as a kid. And having a supportive Mom and Grandparents whose mantra was ‘You can do anything” (if you are willing to do the work to get there), created a mindset to try.

From the 20 Yard line to the Board Room

From Retail Management to Advertising Agency, Jamie then went out on her own as an independent contractor selling advertising to businesses.  In 1984, she tried out and made the first “Professional” team for the NFL Minnesota Viking Cheerleaders. Jamie went on to cheer 7 seasons with the Minnesota Vikings, but it was that first season that offered a profound moment that inspired her story in the Best-Selling Book “The Game Changer” volume 4.  (link to book). That lesson helped her to get out of an abusive relationship and go on the be the entrepreneur and leader she is today.

While cheerleading for the Vikings, Jamie started her own advertising sales company and a product-based business with her brother Patrick. She served as the President of a Community Mediation Program and as the President of her local Chamber of Commerce.  Since then, she has served on many boards and committees including working with a Women’s Shelter and several Youth Programs. Leadership Lessons from the 20 Yard Line is one of Jamie’s Speaking Topics with her 3 Foundational Pillars for Effective Leadership. Learn more…

Bringing Products to Market

In 1985, Jamie and her brother Patrick co-founded McNaughton Incorporated, a Product development, Marketing and Sales company where they continue to create Innovative Products that Make Life Easier, Better, Safer and More FUN.  Patrick is the inventor and Jamie loves to work with retailers to get the product into the hands of those who need it. Today they have 9 lines and over 300 products that are sold all over the world through retailers large and small, through distributors, in commercial businesses and online.

Over the years, inventor’s came to McNaughton Inc to see if the McNaughtons would be interested in looking at their product.  Each month, the McNaughton Team would review product submissions to see if there was a fit.  The McNaughton’s joint ventured with some and bought out the product from others. Some were just not a good fit and the McNaughton’s tried to point them in a directions that would be helpful. But almost all of the time – the products were simply not developed enough or not ready for retail.

Jamie and Patrick are passionate about inspiring budding inventors and young entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams and make their own personal mark in the world.  Patrick often consults and speaks on inventing and Jamie developed a program to help product creators get their products “Retail Ready”. Both Patrick and Jamie always pass on a message to these budding inventors  — “You can do this if you are willing to do the work.”

Do you have a product you want to get out to market? Learn more …


Jamie continues to be involved with the Minnesota Viking Cheerleader Alumni and most recently performed with the current Viking Cheerleaders at the US Bank Stadium in 2019 in honor of the NFL’s 100th Anniversary. She also performed as a part of the 2018 and 2019 Crucial Catch Cancer Research Half-Time Show and spoke on a Women in Business Panel at the Alumni Retreat in 2019.  The MVC Alumni hit the stage at Super Bowl 52 in a Prince Tribute with Morris Day and the Time and Jamie also was a part of Crew 52 welcoming visitors to Minneapolis for the chilly Super Bowl that year. She is grateful to be a part of this group of amazing women and appreciates the opportunity to go back occasionally and perform again!

Jamie is a supporter of Out on a Limb dance studio which brings dance and performance to over 3000 kids at risk each ear. Jamie has emcee’d their annual fundraiser “Soiree” for the last 2 years. She has also recently served on the Suicide Prevention Collaborative committee and on the SOS for Youth Board of Directors.
Supporting young teens with encouragement, empowerment and opportunity continues to be one of Jamie’s priorities.

As a life-long learner, Jamie has had the opportunity to work with amazing mentors like David Bayer, Iman Aghay, David Anderson , David and Paul Blanchard and is extremely grateful for their wisdom, guidance and friendship.

Her gratefulness extends to her supportive husband Greg, sons Logan and Hunter and Mom (& Stan) who still tells Jamie & Patrick and all the grandkids, “You can do anything!”

Suicide Prevention Collaborative 5K Walk, Committee Member

Jamie with Iman Aghay—Founder of Success Road Academy

SOS for Youth, Board of Diectiors