Every day we have a choice. We get to choose. You can choose to be positive, happy and kind.  You can choose to have a great day no matter what comes at you or you can choose exactly the opposite, or something in-between. We may choose to make a difference, to learn or to lead.  We can choose to prioritize and make that important sales call…. or not. 

Certainly, there are days that are better than others – people are dealing with difficult situations, health issues, financial issues, business or family issues.  We still get to choose how we approach them, react to them, deal with them and work through them.  And that will determine how we feel about them.

We get to choose, and every choice starts with a decision. Some are small, some are big, but they all have tremendous power.

When you consciously make a decision and commit to it – when you are “ALL IN” – the neuro pathways in your brain start to find ways to make it happen. Your thoughts shift, the way you appear in the world shifts, and the way you show up for others shifts. As a result, the situation shifts.

Not deciding is a decision too, but it can only offer more of the same of what is. Not deciding can cause paralysis instead of progress. If you play the same record/dvd, you will hear the same song.  Nothing changes until something changes. And the best part is, you get to choose.

Make a decision.  If it doesn’t work, make a new decision. Success is not a straight line, it has some winding roads. Success is built on millions of little decisions working towards a big decision and outcome.

Decision is powerful — it is the first step, nothing progressive happens without a decision to make it happen.


Have you ever decided to buy a certain car?  You’ve looked at it, you’ve decided that is the model for you. Suddenly, you see that car everywhere!  It seems crazy, where did they all come from?  The answer is that they were always there, however, once you make a decision, your brain starts “seeing” it. Your brain becomes open to the possibilities in achieving that goal. Your brain starts working to make it happen. I am not saying you make a decision and it magically happens – more on that in a bit. You have to do your part, but it starts with a powerful decision.

When my brother and I started our business, we operated in the basement of my townhouse.  We had desks and equipment and people coming and going.  We wanted to be in a real office building like a “real company”.  We made a list of what we wanted to accomplish in the next year.  We wanted real offices.  We decided and committed.  I put that list in a desk drawer and forgot about it.  But my mind didn’t.  My brain kept seeing opportunities and kept searching for a solution.  Making the decision put us on a path.

About a year later, as we were moving into our new offices, I was cleaning out my desk and found “the list”.  Almost everything on the list had been achieved but when it came to the office space, we got even more that what we had hoped for.  A mentor of mine who was a retired attorney had a small office building and made a generous offer.  if we managed the building for him, we could have reduced rent and an on-site, available legal advisor.  It was a WIN/WIN!


“The Power of Decision” by Raymond Charles Barker (on Amazon for $14.99)
A powerful book that will change the way you think about decisions.